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Oversight of all day-to-day administration of retirement plan

Verify Summary Plan Document, Eligibility and Benefits are being administered in accordance of Plan

Ensure accuracy and timely filings of Form 5500

Evaluate and monitor all loans and distributions are processed in accordance with IRS and DOL rules and plan provisions

Sign and File Form 5500

Verify and determine substantiation of hardship loan request

Oversight of QDROs consistent with the terms of the plan

Documentation of the delivery of all notices to required recipients

Review of TPA and Record Keeper service performance using best practices

All plan documents are stored in cloud vault with 24-7 access for plan sponsor

Coordinate all plan documents and response related to any IRS or DOL audit or investigation

Review of Fidelity Bond to ensure adequate coverage

"COMPLIANCE 401K becomes a valuable part of your team, allowing you to devote your time and energy on growing your business. While we focus our efforts on protecting your business."

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